13 - Germination 013 C Dws After studying Fine Arts in Paris, Philippe Desloubières spent about 10 years working with toys and various other materials to create tableaux with socio-political implications.

Since the 1990s , his work has changed completely. His sculptures, now mainly consisting of steel, are neither really figurative nor truly abstract, evoking the issue of hybrid genres: male-female, animal-vegetable. Although the presence of nature does not appear explicitly, observation of the vegetable kingdom is evident as a basis for many of his of formal experiments. The diversity of species, their sexual ambiguity and their metamorphosis within the different cycles of growth are a fertile source of inspiration for his development of mutant forms.22 - Germination 022 Fws

Philippe Desloubières divides his time between Paris and Picardie. He exhibits his work regularly in France and abroad. His work can be found in many public and private collections in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Morocco, South Korea, Japan, Spain, Portugal, USA and Brazil.


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