Johann Sebastian Bach's "Goldberg Variations" (BWV 988) was first published in 1741.
This work, originally written for harpsichord, is considered to be one of the most virtuosic and ambitious examples of the variation form in the Baroque period. The Variations are named after Johann Gottlieb Goldberg who may have been the first performer. Although never proven to be true, the story behind the Goldberg Variations is probably as famous as the music itself.

The idea to Gjorgji Cincievski who wrote this transcription for violin, viola and double bass, came from the fact that the main element of these variations is based on a single ground bass theme. The aim was to emphasize more the bass line thus presenting the double bass as the lowest instrument, to add depth and a warmer tone to the color of the whole structure. This transcription maintains the integrity of Bach's writing while also being idiomatic for the double bass.

The main difference of this transcription from the original harpsichord piece is the last four additional bars, at the end of the "Aria da Capo". Derived from the final bars of the piece, the idea of such a different conclusion is that it evokes the transcribers desire to try and prolong the ending, even shortly, of such a monumental work. This does not in any way dispute the original Bach ending but on the contrary it is consciously written to reflect my enormous respect towards this great master.

This edition, now published by Hofmeister editions in Germany, has been performed now worldwide and has received many awards and highest of praise by many performers, soloists and pedagogs.
However this concert is a promotion of the world premiere recording from this transcription, as it's the first time in the music history that this piece has been recorded in such combination.
The performance and recording of the young violin soloist Marketa Janouskova , together with Malta Philharmonic principal viola player Nadia Debono and Malta Philharmonic principal double bass player Gjorgji Cincievski, has been characterized with their individual high musical and artistic skills, as well as a harmonious and homogenous ensemble.

Wednesday December 23 2015


St. Paul's Cathedral, Mdina

This concert and recording has been supported by the kind help of Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, The Janatha Stubbs Fondation and Pirasto Strings.

APS bank is the main partner of the Mdina Biennale.

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