St Peters in Chains Chapel ImageThe church dedicated to St Peter received a passing mention in Bishop Martino Royas's brief visitation report of 1575, where it was described as 'antiqua'. The present church consists of a nave without aisles, with a ribbed vault,dating from the late sixteenth century. At the East end is a shallow altar recess framed by tall pilasters. On the exterior is a gable formed by a sloping roof, withwaterspouts. On the West façade the gable is defined by a bold cornice, behind which is a rudimentary belfry. Above the doorway is a large, blind circular oculus flanked on either side by two empty squares which were presumably intended to carry armorial shields, or perhaps commemorative inscriptions. In recent years the church suffered from neglect. It was restored shortly after 1956, and was provided with a painting above the altar by Mario Caffaro Rore,dating from 1955.

The architectural drawing to scale of the Church of St Peter in Chains can be seen by following this link. 



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