Palazzo de Piro ImageThe Palazzo de Piro is a seventeenth-century palace nestling under the bastion walls of the medieval city of Mdina. The present structure was originally three separate houses, the oldest parts of which date back to the second half of the sixteenth century. The emblem in what is now the main entrance hall indicates that they were built by Malta's most famous architect, Girolamo Cassar, or perhaps his equally renowned son Vittorio. Over the last two centuries, the Palazzo de Piro has been extensively remodelled a number of times. The internal floor levels and a number of openings were altered. The monumental stone and marble staircase was constructed in Victorian times, while in the 1950s extensive structural changes were made to accommodate St Dorothy's school, after the de Piro family had moved out. In 2005 the Palazzo de Piro was acquired by the Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter to create a cultural venue.

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