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Giuseppe 1Dr.Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci studied Philosophy, Law and the Arts. He graduated from the University of Malta, from the State University of Kiev, and from the State University of Moscow, and undertook post-graduate research studies at the State University of Milan. Under A.N. Ovchinnikov (Moscow Grabar Institute), he pursued his artistic studies, specializing in Durer and Rembrandt, and under V. V. Moroz he studied the development and evolution of Modern Art. Schembri Bonaci studied the art of stained glass under Joel Mone of the Lyon Academy, France. Besides lecturing in Modern and Contemporary art, Fine Arts and Art theory at the University of Malta, he has exhibited his own artistic works in Malta, in Paris, Lyon, Stuttgart, Regensburg, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, and Canberra. He has led and participated in various art workshops in France, Bulgaria, Germany, Moscow and Australia.

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