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SR 1Sandra Rizza was born in 1963 in Syracuse, Italy, where she lives and works. She grew up in an artistic environment since her mother used to paint. At age 14 she began her studies at the Art Institute of Syracuse under the tutelage of Alfredo Romano. Rizza also attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania in 1983, studying at the school of scenography. However, her rebellious character stopped her from completing her studies. Since 2008, she has been making frequent visits to Rome to further her artistic experimentation. In Rome, Rizza encountered the photographers Claudio Abate and Stefano Esposito with whom she collaborates.

Rizza's recent collective shows include; Anima Pura, Palazzo Costantino, Palermo; Vietato ai Maggiori, Arcadia University, Siracusa; INVERTER, Galleria Comunale; Movimento Fluido, Museo MUDAC. Recent solo exhibitions include; MaDama, Galleria Quadrifoglio, Siracusa, The Vacuum, Not'Art Gallery, Siracusa; Visioni, Palazzo del Governo di Siracusa, Biennale di Venezia, padiglione Italia; Dentro il Silenzio, Regional Gallery of Palazzo Bellomo, Siracusa; L'Assenza del Corpo la Persistenza dell' Umano, Gallery Opera Unica, Rome; Altezze, Take Away Gallery, Rome; Capogiri, The Old Market of Siracusa; Altezze, Palazzo Gagliardi of Noto.SR 2


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