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MyriamO 2Painting is another form of expression for Myriam O, pseudonym for Myriam Olivares Grez, artist-singer born in Santiago, Chile who finds inspiration in the beauty and sadness of life. Devoted to music and jazz, she has enjoyed a solid career and is reputed for her passionate and emotional interpretation of traditional and Latin songs.

The theme for 2015 Mdina Biennale edition has been somewhat of a recurrent subject which Myriam has analysed since infancy – belief and non-belief, faith and non-faith - and a constant self-questioning as an artist living in today's pragmatic and materialistic world.

Former student of famed Chilean painter Maria Luisa Hernández, Myriam has experimented with different media, yet oils remain her preferred MyriamO 1medium. Her paintings have been described as pure perfume infused with romanticism, immensity and inner silence.
Expressing emotions is her calling, whether she is singing a song or facing a canvas with a brush or a pencil. It is music, colour and life itself which inspire the artist; all its beauty and sadness together, the primitive creative impulse of man in her own female heart.

During 2013 she took part in three collective exhibitions. One of them was held in Punta Arenas, which explored the persona of the famous artist-composer, Violeta Parra.
In August 2014 she participated in another collective exhibition with six different works inspired by the poetry of Mapuche writer Elicura Chihuailaf, held in Valparaiso.
Myriam was invited to participate in the 2nd International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Argentina held in October 2014, where she exhibited two oil paintings. The artist's year will be concluded with a bi-personal exhibition to be held in Santiago in November.

Myriam believes in The Muses when facing a blank canvas; she believes in the power of colour, and in truly feeling what brings out the first brush stroke, for emotions push her to creation. Myriam O feels that oil is a romantic, melancholic, infinite media.

Myriam O's project was made possible with the kind support of:

Neumann.Berlin, The Microphone Company
Chilean Copyright Society of Authors (Sociedad Chilena del Derecho de Autor)
Chilean Association of Painters and Sculptors (Asociación de Pintores y Escultores de Chile)

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