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LJY 2Lee Joo-yuon is a Korean artist who completed a B.F.A in printmaking at Chugye University for the Arts in Seoul, and later an M.F.A at the Graduate School of Sungshin Women's University. In 2010, Lee attended a stained glass advanced workshop in France. Lee has exhibited extensively in both solo and collective exhibitions in Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Jamaica, USA, France and Sweden. Lee is the recipient of a number of national art prizes and awards.

Artist's Statement

Far from the commercial superheroes of comics and movies, Paper Man lives in the lightness and destructibility of a sheet of paper. Shifting wind can blow him away. But when Paper Man allies himself and finds emotional unity with his fellow men, his strength grows with the fertility of common interests.

Underlying the iconic and thematic expression is a notion that democracy rises out of principles of equality. Yet, in Lee Joo-youn's view of the human condition, overcoming the essential alienation of the individual remains the immense challenge.

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